Store Your Company's Records Without Setting Foot in a Warehouse! Let File-Safe Take Over Your Document Management Today

What is File-Safe?

Safe-guarding and organizing your company records is a crucial part of your business. A secure, accurate filing system is the foundation of any document management system. Regrettably, this valuable and important area of business is often overlooked, and the costs of this shortfall are frequently not realized until an important document is required under short notice. Until now, most offices have managed their data using a combination of on-site storage rooms and off-site warehouses.

Cost Effective

On-site storage facilities are costly to maintain and waste valuable work and office space. Off-site storage warehouses are often unsecure, prone to rodent and bug infestation, require extensive shelving and are hot and uncomfortable to work in. Introducing File-Safe for Secure, Off-Site Storage. We specialize in storage and maintenance of all your company data. File-Safe can handle all your filing and storage needs, as well as proving prompt, accurate delivery of your company data when you need it, saving you and your employees valuable time.

Computerized & Safe

All data maintained by File-Safe is stored in a secure facility with access limited to employees of the company who have undergone background checks and signed Confidentiality Agreements. File-Safe provides you with peace of mind and increased productivity by ensuring that your data is professionally maintained. We securely manage all your corporate files and data using a state-of-the-art bar-code based computer system. All client boxes are unidentifiable except for a unique bar-code that tracks their location within the warehouse and ensures prompt and accurate retrieval and delivery of your files.

Why File-Safe?

  • Improve Your Effeciency
  • Inventory Your Records
  • Increase Your Productivity
  • Protect Your Company Files
  • Save Your Time and Money
  • Prompt Delivery of Your Records

    The File-Safe Process

  • Contact File-Safe
  • File-Safe Delivers the Supplies
  • Client Fills the File Boxes
  • Boxes Taken to Warehouse
  • Storage
  • Retrieval and Delivery
  • Destruction (If Needed)

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